February 5, 2024

Understanding the State Prescription Drug Affordability Board Landscape in 2024

Several states are considering or have enacted legislation to create prescription drug affordability boards (PDABs). Although their powers vary by state, PDABs are generally charged with assessing the affordability of prescription drugs and developing recommendations to reduce spending; negotiating Medicaid supplemental rebates with manufacturers; and/or setting upper payment limits (UPLs), which seek to limit the amount payers, providers, pharmacies and patients can pay for prescription drugs. In 2024, Colorado’s PDAB—the first in the country to begin conducting affordability reviews—is poised to determine whether to impose a UPL, and PDABs in other states are following Colorado’s lead. The ability of PDABs to implement UPLs, however, faces several operational and legal challenges.

In a new webinar, Manatt Health and thought leaders from PhRMA and Harvard Medical School will examine the current PDAB landscape and the ways it could reshape the pharmaceutical supply chain. 

View recording here.