Student Spotlight

Patrick Renner

Chief Operating Officer, CitrusLabs

Residence: California, USA Nationality: Germany

Class of 2024

While still in the early innings of his career, Patrick Renner has achieved notable success in various areas of his life.  He has received the prestigious Forbes “30 Under 30” recognition twice, run a 2:37 marathon, been licensed as a pilot, and has co-founded two enterprises: MindMate, a leading app for Baby Boomers to help reduce the risk of developing cognitive decline, and CitrusLabs, a clinical testing service where Renner serves as chief operating officer. 


Renner explains his trajectory this way. “I was never a person who accepted the status quo, so my journey into healthcare entrepreneurship started with recognizing the immense potential for innovation in this sector. The intersection of business and healthcare presents unique challenges and opportunities but the one thing that really made me go into healthcare was the thought that creating solutions in healthcare can have tangible, positive impacts on people’s health and well-being. This alignment of my business background with a purpose-driven approach in healthcare fueled my passion for entrepreneurship in this field.”


Renner’s experience in founding MindMate led to his creating the blueprint for his next venture, CitrusLabs. “I realized the critical role of evidence-based solutions in healthcare. This experience highlighted the importance of clinical testing to validate product efficacy. Consequently, when envisioning Citruslabs, I was drawn to clinical testing as an industry, because it sits at the core of transforming innovative ideas into credible, scientifically backed health solutions.”


His foray into clinical testing brought Renner face to face with the complex regulatory landscape, which includes stringent compliance requirements, ethical considerations, and ensuring patient safety, he said. “Balancing innovation, the spirit of a startup to move fast, and the healthcare industry with all its regulations requires a deep understanding of legal frameworks and constant adaptability. At Citruslabs, we strive to streamline this process, focusing on ethical compliance and patient-centric approaches while pushing the boundaries of medical research.”

The MS HLS program’s learning environment, led by expert faculty and a cohort bringing varied perspectives, is “incredibly beneficial, providing me with deeper insights into the legal and strategic aspects of healthcare, which I apply in my role at Citruslabs. There’s always room for improvement in clinical trials, especially in terms of transparency, participant diversity, and outcome reporting. Ensuring that consumers receive accurate, reliable information about the products they use is crucial. While many trials are conducted rigorously, there’s a need for greater accountability in reporting results and making them accessible and understandable to the general public.”