January 18, 2023

The NCATS Alliance: Speeding the Process of Bringing New Treatments to Patients

For the last decade, the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), one of the 27 institutes and centers within the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has played a pivotal role in tackling ongoing challenges in research to deliver new and innovative treatments to patients faster.

In a new webinar from Manatt Health, health care leaders will discuss the barriers that must be overcome to ensure continued progress in the quest to discover and deliver new treatments to patients. They also will share their perspectives on the critical part NCATS has played in improving and speeding translational research—and the importance for all stakeholders to join together to support NCATS’ work and mission. Key topics include:

  • The ways in which NCATS has worked to help reduce, remove and/or bypass bottlenecks in the research process
  • The lessons NCATS has learned over the past decade, its most important accomplishments and its vision for the road ahead
  • New approaches for accelerating the development, testing and dissemination of new research, treatments and interventions
  • Real-world examples of how NCATS is transforming the innovation process by focusing on what’s common across diseases

In addition, the program will discuss the mission of the newly launched NCATS Alliance, which was founded by a group of eight health care leaders who joined with Manatt to establish the coalition with a goal of advancing the critical work of NCATS.

View recording of the event here