January 3, 2023

Reimagining Medicine: Can Policy Keep Pace With Scientific Advances?

A host of breakthrough innovations are reshaping the ways we prevent, diagnose, treat and manage a full range of medical conditions. Advances in the generation and cellular delivery of RNA have enabled the development of mRNA vaccines across a broad array of applications—from COVID to cancer. Although in its infancy, implanted brain-computer interface technology offers new hope to the 5.4 million paralyzed Americans, restoring voluntary motor impulses even to patients suffering from severe paralysis. Cell and gene therapies bring a paradigm shift to people with genetic and degenerative diseases, moving us beyond treating symptoms to repairing the body. Artificial intelligence is increasing the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, driving improved outcomes, predicting infectious disease spread and showing potential for enhancing drug development. In fact, in headline-making news, Insilico Medicine announced the world’s first phase 1 clinical trial of a drug developed from scratch using AI.

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