May 20, 2024

Preparing for the Future of Health Care Antitrust Scrutiny

Now, more than ever, health care organizations are facing complex antitrust issues as their mergers/acquisitions, hiring, contracting and private funding are being scrutinized by the federal and state governments. Proper planning for any competitive initiative, including day-to-day decisions, is essential to avoid potential antitrust risks. In just the last week, enforcers have announced that they believe there has been underenforcement of the antitrust laws in health care and have called for increased investigations. To this end, the FTC, DOJ and HHS have published a new website, “,” that is actively encouraging anonymous and self-identified complaints about many topics including transparency, and DOJ announced the formation of a new task force committed to targeting Health Care Monopolies and Collusion by facilitating the Antitrust Division’s policy advocacy, investigations and enforcement efforts in health care markets.

Join Manatt Health’s antitrust team for a live webinar discussion of these antitrust issues, including how your organization can best prepare in this area. Our experienced team will examine the current state of health care antitrust, what is on the horizon, and how to get your organization compliant for what the future holds.

Key topics include:

  • Strategies for mitigating antitrust risks and ensuring compliance
  • Understanding the current intersection of antitrust law and health care regulation
  • The current status and implications of the FTC’s rule on noncompetes
  • Analyzing recent antitrust enforcement actions and lawsuits and their impact on the industry
  • Exploring the implications of consolidation/affiliations and market power in health care markets
  • Navigating antitrust challenges in provider collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions

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