March 14, 2024

Podcast: The Cybersecurity Landscape in Healthcare with Judith Germano

Healthcare Nation Podcast welcomes Judith Germano, Cybersecurity Expert and Founder of Germano Law

Episode Summary:
In this episode of Healthcare Nation, Rick Gannotta sits down with cybersecurity expert Judith Germano to discuss the evolving threat landscape in the healthcare sector. With her extensive background in economic crimes and as a distinguished fellow at NYU’s Center for Cybersecurity, Judith offers invaluable insights into the challenges and strategies for protecting patient data and healthcare systems against cyber threats.

Key Topics Discussed:
The State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Judith outlines the current threats facing the healthcare sector, emphasizing the value of healthcare data and the industry’s vulnerabilities.
The Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack: An exploration of one of the most significant cyberattacks in the healthcare industry, including the implications of paying ransoms and the complexities of third-party risk management.
Federal and Regulatory Responses: Judith assesses the effectiveness of existing regulations and the role of federal agencies in enhancing cybersecurity within the healthcare sector.
Emerging Threats and Innovations: Discussion on the risks associated with medical devices and wearables, highlighting the importance of incorporating cybersecurity measures in the early stages of innovation.
Cybersecurity Best Practices: Judith shares advice for healthcare professionals and organizations on safeguarding against cyber threats, stressing the importance of proactive measures, crisis response planning, and the role of cyber insurance.
Judith’s Journey to Cybersecurity: Judith shares her career path, from her initial interest in crisis management to becoming a leading authority in cybersecurity.
Conclusion: This episode sheds light on the critical issue of cybersecurity in healthcare, offering expert insights and practical advice for navigating the complex landscape of digital threats. Judith Germano’s expertise highlights the necessity of prioritizing cybersecurity and privacy in healthcare innovation and operations.

Listen here.