January 16, 2023

In the Shadow of Drug Pricing Reform: New Developments for Pharmaceutical Price Reporting

With the enactment of major drug pricing reform—including the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which arguably made the most significant changes to U.S. prescription drug pricing regulations in history—the reporting of drug prices is more critical than ever for determining reimbursement for drugs and establishing potential manufacturer payment obligations to various government agencies. In a new webinar, Manatt Health will explore how federal and state governments plan to use the drug pricing information reported by both manufacturers and providers, examine new reporting obligations at the federal and state levels, and provide key strategies for successfully navigating today’s changing landscape. Key topics include: 

  • How the government will use information that manufacturers currently report to determine new rebate and discount obligations under the IRA
  • The new information both manufacturers and providers will need to report to the government under federal drug pricing reform
  • New obligations manufacturers are facing from state governments
  • Litigation impacting the information that must be reported and the penalties for violating reporting requirements
  • Risks for reporting noncompliance and strategies to minimize those risks

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