January 15, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Data Exchange to Support Care for Older Adults: Gaps and Opportunities

Data exchange is crucial to coordinating care and services for older people, particularly those who have an array of health and social needs that require multidisciplinary teams to manage care and transitions between settings. Too often, however, health care and social services are siloed, creating barriers that limit the data sharing that is so crucial to improving care and outcomes.

In a new webinar—based on their soon-to-be-released report—Archstone Foundation and Manatt Health will detail the current state of data exchange, including the gaps and the opportunities to improve support care for older adults. While the findings are drawn from our work in California, they hold important lessons for all states. The topics that will be covered include:

  • A landscape assessment of the health and social needs of older adults, and their access to technology-enabled health and social services
  • The health information technology (HIT) and data exchange capabilities of the providers who are critical to caring for older adults
  • Opportunities for funders, technology providers, community organizations, health care providers and policymakers to address the major gaps and disparities in the HIT and data exchange landscape

View recording here