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On Demand: Innovating Digitally Enabled Home-Based Care: Promoting Longer, Healthier Living

Strengthening our nation’s long-term care system is a pressing societal issue as growing numbers of older Americans and people living with disabilities or chronic diseases increase demand. Whatever their ages, people who need long-term care increasingly prefer to receive it in their homes and communities. With the 65+ population projected to increase 50% by 2030, […]

Prescribing Medication Abortion via Telehealth: The ‘Rules of the Road’ in a Post-Dobbs World

In the aftermath of the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision, there is ongoing discussion about the role that medication abortion—particularly tele-medication abortion (teleMAB)— will play in connecting women to abortion services. The legal landscape post-Dobbs is varied, complicated and rife with potential risks. Each state has its own laws governing telehealth and abortion services, including state laws […]

The Impact of Dobbs on Advertising: Preparing for New Risks

In the post-Dobbs world, where a woman’s ability to get an abortion is left to individual states, dissemination of information about abortion-related services has become crucial to ensuring women can access abortion care. In states where providing or receiving abortion-related services is illegal or severely restricted, however, even just sharing information about the availability of abortion-related […]

What Will the Midterm Elections Mean for Health Care?

Americans are strongly focused on the upcoming midterm elections. An NBC News survey shows that 68% of Republicans and 66% of Democrats are expressing high interest in the midterms. Which issues are most critical to voters when they consider how they will cast their votes in November? While inflation takes the top spot, the KFF Health Tracking Poll shows […]

Understanding the 340B Program: A Guide to the Newest Developments

The 340B discount program—which requires manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care entities at sharply reduced prices—continues to be both controversial and confusing. Manatt’s new webinar will explain the latest developments in the 340B program, including: The impact the drug pricing provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act will have on the 340B program […]

Levers of Change: Remapping the Health Care Landscape

What levers of change can the Biden administration use to advance its vision of greater health equity, expanded access to coverage and care, and improved outcomes? What can we expect in 2022 and beyond as the administration pursues its goal of reshaping the health care landscape? In a new webinar from Manatt Health, NYU Law […]

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