Student Spotlight

Meaghan Ayers

Senior Program Manager, HC Product , Flatiron Health

Residence: New York, USA Nationality: USA

Class of 2024

As a science and business major at Notre Dame, Meaghan Ayers set her sights on a career in the healthcare industry because it promised to be interesting and dynamic, a career “ripe with opportunity to really impact people’s lives, yet with plenty of challenges in need of tackling. The stakes are high, and the problems are ones worth trying to solve,” she said.

After several years working on a wide variety of healthcare projects at Huron, a professional services and management consulting company, in 2021 she joined Flatiron Health, a New York-based technology company dedicated to bridging the gap between practicing oncologists and cancer research. She is currently the Senior Program Manager for Flatiron’s HC Product team, which provides technology, such as an oncology-specific electronic medical record (EMR), to enable and support healthcare providers at the point of care. “In my role, I am responsible for managing several strategic initiatives focused on ensuring the optimal and compliant design of Flatiron’s core products, accelerating strategic go-to-market decisions, and enhancing core business functions. This often requires helping teams adapt products to meet new and evolving regulatory requirements while ensuring our technological solutions still offer the best experience for end users and the patients they serve.”

Ayers believes that getting a well-rounded understanding of the relevant management, policy and legal issues is beneficial in her role. “The Master of Health Law and Strategy program introduces a convergence of disciplines through coursework across innovation, equity, legislation, law, regulation, strategy, economics, finance, and technology,” Ayers said, “and each of these areas is complex at base but especially as applied to the healthcare industry. Trends in technological and biopharmaceutical innovation are rapidly changing the industry, and regulatory requirements, market dynamics, and strategic plans are shifting in stride. I pursued this program because of a) the specific focus on healthcare throughout these disciplines (as opposed to a more generalized degree); and b) as I progressed in my career, it became clear that having an in-depth understanding of the concepts addressed in this program will continue to be essential to be able to proactively plan and strategically react as change inevitably continues.

“I am deeply grateful for the connections I’ve made with my professors and cohort throughout the program—being able to learn from my peers’ real-world expertise across nearly all segments within the healthcare sector has been invaluable.”