Student Spotlight

Chelsea Pruett

Head of Clinical Operations , Recora

Residence: Georgia, USA Nationality: USA

Class of 2024

Chelsea Pruett completed nursing school and passed her nursing boards while still in high school, during which time her father passed away suddenly from a heart attack—a tragedy that would influence her professional career. After several years as a bedside nurse, the frustrating inefficiencies she saw in the healthcare system inspired her to get the further education she needed—starting with a BS in business and health sciences—to start fixing what was wrong. “After graduation, I went into health care startups at first, and from there I’ve spent the past 12 years building innovative solutions that solve hard problems,” she said. Today she is Head of Clinical Operations at New York-based Recora Health, which provides virtual cardiac recovery programs for individuals and health care systems.

Her father’s death was the driving force behind Pruett’s decision to join Recora as one of its earliest employees. During COVID, while working there, she returned to bedside nursing part-time. In her current role, Pruett oversees the operations of Recora’s care teams, ensuring efficient workflows and a world class patient experience. She leads and mentors staff, helping to foster a collaborative and innovative work environment and implement quality assurance programs to maintain high standards of patient care and outcomes, tied to reducing rehospitalizations while also promoting cardiac care access. Key responsibilities include managing budgets, monitoring clinical performance metrics, and integrating technology solutions to enhance operational efficiency. Additionally, she addresses patient concerns in an effort to improve patient satisfaction and ensure the delivery of patient-centered care.

Because her employer’s mission is “to redefine the future of heart health,” Pruett sought out the MSHLS program to enrich her overall knowledge of the healthcare field and get exposure to the latest in best practices and efficiencies. “I’m a builder. I love solving problems and building solutions to tackle access and equity issues in healthcare,” she said. “The Master of Science in Health Law and Strategy Program has been ideal for me since I’m an innovator at heart. The program’s interdisciplinary approach combines health law, business strategy, and policy, providing a holistic understanding of the healthcare industry.  One of the main values of this program is how it integrates public service with health law and management to equip me with the skills to develop and implement effective strategies to drive organizational growth and operational efficiency. The program also emphasizes innovation, encouraging creative thinking and the adoption of new technologies and methodologies, which is essential for continuous improvement in clinical operations. The practical components like the residencies, the capstone project, and even networking with peers in the program offer hands-on experience in real-world settings and connections that will last well beyond the program.”

“NYU’s focus on healthcare law, ethics, and compliance ensures that I understand the regulatory environment and can navigate complex legal and ethical issues and its emphasis on networking provides valuable connections with healthcare institutions and industry professionals. It’s a comprehensive education that aligned perfectly with my goals—the right blend of health law, strategy, and innovation to take my career to the next level.”